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Are Ragdolls Worth The Money

When we purchased the first ragdoll he was about 1000 and worth every penny of that. The Ragdoll is such a pleasure to have as a pet because of its affectionate nature.

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Blue Ivys doll included 160 gems and white gold jewelry.

Are ragdolls worth the money. Ragdolls Totally Terrific ranks 15 of 452 in Pet Stores category. Thanks for the advice. As said earlier the initial cost of owning a Ragdoll depends on various factors.

For blue lilac and lynx bi-colors the minimum purchase price is 2400. No matter how costly ragdolls are they are worth the investment. The Ragdoll cat price can range and firstly you can be frightened by the cost of this cute feline.

While it cant be denied that Ragdoll cats are very expensive many cat loversespecially Ragdoll cat ownersswear that they are worth every penny. If youre planning to purr-chase one you can expect to pay around 400 for a good pet-quality cat and a minimum of 1000 for a show-quality cat. This is a question a lot of people interested in adopting a Ragdoll cat ask.

My buddy loves the foam balls and the circular ball play thingy. Ragdolls Totally Terrific Overview. Gday As the personal support staff of 4 loving ragdolls I will admit that they are in fact priceless.

Their extreme loyalty intelligence trainable social skills make it ideal for our households. These people charge a lot of money to buy a cat but that doesnt mean they arent worth it. How much does a ragdoll cat cost.

They are bred to be gentle-natured and affectionate. I think I may get 2 kitties it would definitely be worth the money. The value goes up depending on the coat pattern of the kitten.

Oct 9 2019 726pm. The Ragdoll is such a pleasure to have as a pet because of its affectionate nature. Ragdolls are expensive so buying two at once from a breeder could be a blow to the pocket book.

Ragdolls are large size cats which means that they need more food and specialized accessories like grooming tools for cats with long coats cat beds cat scratchers and cat. Yea its a good game but got old pretty fast i would use ur money on something els and come back in like 2020 and see new content and then decide. Thats on the high end of Ragdoll cat price.

On average the prices can be anywhere from as little as 400 to more than 1200. The cost of a breeder Ragdoll starts at 3500 which increases depending on the pattern and the color. Ragdoll kittens can cost 400 each while show-quality cats may be priced at 2000 or more.

The breeder we frequent does charge 1000 for one of her wee ones and I think this is a common price. Are ragdolls worth the money. Bailey PICTURED ON THE LEFT Seal Mitted Female Ragdoll Lifetime health costs of 2080 includes spay few wellness checks surgery for teeth cleaning a few teeth removed applicable taxes Note the above costs do not include vaccinations as I do not vaccinate my cats.

The price level of this organization is low according to consumer reviews. Are Ragdoll cats worth the money. The Siberian Forest Cat is indeed a mystical breed with a 15-year life span and taking a total of 5 years to reach maturity.

Toys are always a necessity. Most of these breeders arent even making a profit theyre just recouping expenses. Last Updated on October 19 2021 by Jenny.

Answered 1 year ago. While it cant be denied that Ragdoll cats are very expensive many cat loversespecially Ragdoll cat ownersswear that they are worth every penny. They spent a fortune to throw the daughter a rich party including a 2000 dollar cake 33000 dollars worth of gifts and toys for the gusts and over 50000 in rose decorations.

Originally post Mar 16 2017. The cost of a ragdoll cat will depend on the age quality geographical location colors and breeder. Bigger than the Ragdoll.

The easygoing Ragdoll fits greatly for family life and such a cute pet can get along well with all family members. A pet owner will spend 2000 max from breeders. Last edited by dendino328.

The initial cost of owning a Ragdoll starts at the breeder. Prices will vary according to the breeder and the quality age and show record if any of the cat that youre considering. Their distinctive features relaxed dispositions and gorgeous coats make them well worth the investment.

These ragdolls are not only perfectly marked meaning they can be used in shows but they are also fit for breeding. Ragdolls certainly arent the cheapest breed of cat to buy. But be sure a Ragdoll cat is worth that kind of money.

Before purchasing your cat research your breeder and find out if the higher cost is worth it. Although Ragdoll cats are generally expensive breeder kittens and cats are placed at a higher premium. While it cant be denied that Ragdoll cats are very expensive many cat loversespecially Ragdoll cat ownersswear that they are worth every penny.

The overall rating of the company is 40 and consumers are mostly satisfied. Are Ragdolls worth the money. Ragdoll cats are one of the best breeds of cats for families with children.

A breeder and show ragdoll is the most expensive type they can be bought for upwards of 2500. Depending on the style and location of your breeder you can expect the cost to vary from a few hundred dollars to thousands of dollars. I would say no.

Many people say that male Ragdolls tend to be sweeter but plenty of owners of female Ragdoll cats would say the opposite. These cats can weigh up to 25lbs which is only 5lbs. Theyre expensive it costs money in food shelter vet appointments litter caring for the parents constantly etc.

This huge cuddly furball will sway your minds at first sight. A double whammy of ragdoll. Ragdolls Totally Terrific was first mentioned on PissedConsumer on Dec 29 2008 and since then this brand received 8 reviews.

The cost of caring for a Ragdoll cat is higher than that of caring for a regular cat.

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