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Good Name For A Tiger Striped Cat

Now if youre still undecided on what to name your feline friend and you would like to explore some real tiger names for your cats we have a list of 500 best names for tigers that you could use for your tiger-like kitty. Warrior cat names are made of two words a prefix the first part and a suffix the second part The prefix normally describes the cats appearance such as golden or stripes.

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Tell us about the cat name and how you came up with it.

Good name for a tiger striped cat. The Toyger cat breed is a beautiful looking one. If your cat is your partner in adventure then Hobbes is a perfect orange cat name. Tigro from Thundercats.

Sergeant Major a striped fish. Morris great name for a cat with a tiger pattern. Tiger An easy name to use for a tiger tabby cat.

Lolly for a cute cat. Tigerfuzz named cuz he was just a ball of fuzz with tiger stripes Tigger. Before going through all the names it will help a lot if you know a thing or two about.

Tulip striped leaf tulips. Ginger A sassy sweet name. It is a toy Tiger and the name has been taken.

Think about colours that best describe your cat such as silver ginger white red or yellow. Giselle a simple name for a cat. Aine a Celtic word meaning fire and vibrancy reflecting the fiery colors of a Tigers fur.

Tina Short for Christina Valentina Martina Justina and many more. Do you have a tabby cat name suggestion. Fawn This light yellowtan color is quite popular in felines and provides great inspiration for tabby cat names.

Have many great adventures with your own striped tiger when you name your orange cat. If I had a 1 for every kid dog or cat named Max Id be loaded. Tigger- Name your cat for the lovable Winnie the Pooh character who never ran out of energy.

150 Wonderful Names For White Cats And. Tony the Tiger. If you are looking for something cute or unique our list of tabby cat names might just help you find the perfect name for your cat.

Maia Greek goddess of spring. Alain a Gaelic word for bright. Parker this is the tiger in Life of Pi.

Gray Tiger Striped Cat Names. Airlia meaning ethereal in Greek. Namur Arabic name meaning tiger.

Honey-Save this name for the sweetest tabby cat you have. Famous cat monikers like Garfield and Tiger just wont do. Nermal the cute kitten from Garfield.

Name the cat Maple Cinnamon Corian Anything is more creative than KITTY. Dark stripes and orange fur. Zebre zebra in French.

You cant come up with something better than that. Here is a collection of yellow or orange cat names. A gray tiger striped cat can come in many different shades but its stripes and spots are what makes it so unique.

We have found that names for a tabby cat often are the most unique cat names and the most varied. More Name Ideas for Tabby Cats. Zeeman from zebra because of the stripes.

A cool or unique name is just what your gray striped kitty needs. According to some the toyger cat breed is the most demanding in the striped cat group. Yucca striped shrub.

Tawny A light brown-ish orange color tawny also makes a super cute cat name. You might want to use this name for smaller cat breed slike Singapura or Munchkin cats. Ade royal in Afrikaans perfect for a noble powerful cat.

We KNOW its a kitty. While there is nothing wrong with this we personally prefer something that also captures the personality of the cat. Female Tabby Cat Names.

Shira the tigress of the movie Ice Age. SpangleSpangled like the flag Cheshire another famous striped cat. It has stripes all over its body that resemble the tiger.

Its like calling a baby human or male 2. Yes these names are well-known but they are quite over-used. Tora tiger in Japanese.

It includes female tiger names too. Tigro from Thundercats. Look at cat-related words such as paw purr stripes or feline.

Amber A beautiful girly name based on the goldish orange coloring. The choice is yours. Hobbes is a stuffed tiger that comes to life in the imagination and adventures of his friend and constant companion Calvin.

Tiny This one explains itself. Jasmine-The cartoon character from Aladdin had a striped tiger as a pet. Garfield arguably the most famous striped cat Adidas.

Tigress one of the most classic tiger striped cat names. Calvin and Hobbes are a long-running comic strip duo. In order to choose good names for tabby cats people often base their decision about a name on the pattern alone.

Famous Striped Cat Breeds Around the World. Orangey after the tabby from Breakfast at Tiffanys. What will you name your tabby cat.

Bitey this is the striped cat from Kick-ass. Livia from Olivia. Harlequin-If your tabby has a harlequin pattern why not name her after the famous doll.

Tripp- This name means to step or hop which is perfect for a cat that is always bouncing all over the place. Cinnabar a type of striped caterpillar Candy Cane. Rajah from the Disney movie Aladdin.

160 Names For A Tiger. Thumper- This is an adorable name for a grey kitty and also is a great ode to the Disney movie Bambi. Tolkien after the author of Lord of the Rings.

Look around your home. Best Striped Cat Names. Mellow Peaches Cab for taxi cab we call him cabby Oj Noodle Cappuccino Lion Oliver Tang Leo Sunflower Alani Hawaiian name for orange blossom Corona Ginger Dempsey Ollie Tangerine Sunshine Taxi Mimi Creamsicle Autumn Latte Dollie Puffytail Callie Taffy Cleo Bus for school bus.

Zebra one of the most classic of black striped cat names.

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