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How Much Does A Maine Coon Cat Cost

Maine Coon cats are known for having hip dysplasia heart diseases and kidney diseases. Also put into consideration costs for neutering or spaying.

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Are Maine Coon cats good pets.

How much does a maine coon cat cost. Once you take your kitten home youll have one time and on-going costs for general care food gear and much more. Adopting a kitten can cost anywhere from 400 to as much as 900. 745 Maine Coon Cats Kittens for sale.

Many things factor into the price as I explain completely below. Whilst adult Maine Coon cats can cost over 1200-1600 often mixed Maine Coons will be lower in price. Megacoon is a TICA outstanding cattery that specializes in breeding big heavy-boned cats that have long ears and the wild look.

Catteries typically breed for show. Buying a purebred Maine Coon cat is expensive. MetatronEyes lists its Maine Coon cat prices as being 2000.

The price of a Maine coon ranges from 800 to 2000 or more and well explain why this is. All reputable breeders are investing continually into their cats kittens and program. You might even luck out and find an adult Maine Coon at your local animal rescue or shelter though this is highly unusual.

The Maine coon cat has no generally fixed price worldwide. As one of the most expensive cats breeds to own in the world potential owners should be prepared to pay an average of 400-2000 US dollars per kitten which is equivalent to between 325-1623 in the United. It is an ancient breed that has become one of the most popular cats.

Adult Maine Coons who are not titled cost anywhere from 100 to 200. How Much Does A Maine Coon Cat Cost. Date Published Newest Date Published Oldest Price Lowest Price Highest The Maine Coon is a large cat that originated from North Eastern America.

6 Very sweet Maine Coon kittens available Have been raised in family home and cuddled 247 so very affectionate Fed the highest quality food and bathed regularly so they enjoy a bath now Mother and father family pet large Maine Coons Pictures above Mother registered father is not so kittens will not be registered If interested Please tell me a bit about the home you can provide. Maine Coon kittens have become increasingly popular over the last few decades and have an expensive price tag to match their huge popularity levels. Other than its fluffy fur and unusual size there are other things about the Main Coon that makes it worth its hefty price tag.

Most reputable breeders want to keep the line to themselves and do not want to have kittens that are mixed breed associated with their cattery or their line of Maine Coon cats. How much does a gray Maine Coon cat cost. At least 1000 and easily up to 3000 AUD for a pet in Australia.

They want to make sure that the kittens go to a good home and that they will be well cared for. Breeding cats and raising kittens is expensive and time-consuming. If you buy them from the shelter it can cost 100.

Maine Coons cost depends on the source and you can expect any price from 300 to 2000. A Maine Coon cat costs anywhere around 400 to 1500. Nice ear tufts a big snout good teeth and much more.

First make sure that you can afford a Maine Coon cat. However for a cat that is capable of being shown at a show the numbers can get closer to the 1000 to 1500 mark. The price of a Maine Coon can depend on the gender color pattern or lineage.

Main Coon Cat FAQs. The kittens would also need shots and care before being rehomed and this understandably costs a lot too. A young active fertile kitten may cost you up to 2000.

An interested Maine Coon owner can expect to pay around 400-1000. This does not refer to the cost of buying the kitten this refers to the cost of lifelong care for the animal. Be suspect of any breeder that offers you Maine Coon kittens for less than 400 that is typically the low end of pricing range.

How much does a Maine Coon cost. It is among the most expensive cat breeds and it is easy to see why. Black Golden Gray Silver White.

In the United States Maine Coon kittens from reputable breeders cost between 400-2000 compared to. In the US the average price from a registered breeder with all health checks is around 1500 US. Maine Coons from reputable breeders range from 2000 to 4000 and above.

Be extremely wary of sellers offering Maine Coons for less than 800 as it is unlikely youll receive a healthy purebred cat at this price. How much does a Maine Coon cat cost. Further those two cats have been tested for health issues.

The breeder has a female and a male Maine Coon cat that meets all the requirements of a perfect Maine Coon cat. How Much Does a Maine Coon Cat Cost Per Month. How Much Does A Maine Coon Cat Cost.

Its price may vary depending on where you buy it. Male 10 weeks old purebred blue and white 1500. If you get them from an official breeder it can cost from 1400 taken mid-way between 800 and 2000.

Not to mention paying federal and state taxes. Shipping is not available. But the range of Maine coon Prices is approximately between 400-1500 depending on the age of the Maine Coon if the cat is healthy with healthier hair then the Maine Coon prices is around 1500 but if the cat is very young or not as healthier than Maine Coon prices is around 400-800The health of a Maine Coon is also defined with its urine and the price is determined by its health.

For Maine Coon cat enthusiasts the cost for buying and caring for Maine Coons can get expensive but their cats loyalty affection and irresistible charm are definitely priceless. Meanwhile a full-pedigree Maine Coon adult is closer to 400-600. The average price you can expect to pay is 1500.

90430 Now that you have an idea of what you can expect to spend by bringing a new Maine Coon cat home what about monthly expenses. The price for a maine coon in the UK averages around 900 GBP and can go as high as 1500 GBP. Many purebreds come with a hefty price tag but Maine Coons have a reputation for being one of the most expensive cat breeds to adopt so it is no surprise they demand higher prices than other cats on the market.

Average 1200 2000 USD When buying a Maine Coon Kitten from a breeder you can expect to be asked to pay anywhere between 1000 2000 for one in general. Kitten prices range from 1600 to 2400 depending on the sex color size and quality. If you are looking for a purebred Maine Coon cat you have to contact a respected Maine Coon breeder and it can cost a fortune.

Therefore a reputable breeders price will reflect their investment. A Maine Coons price varies from about 800 2000 for a purebred kitten initially. The cost of maine coon cats can be anywhere between 400-1500 for a kitten.

A good breeder is not really in it for profit.

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