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How To Bond With My New Kitten

By providing regular meals you become the cats provider which helps reinforce trust and bonding while also preventing your cat from overeating and gaining too much weight. Initial meetings are best done through a cage so that both your rabbits and kitten can safely.

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Its best to establish an area for your new kitten.

How to bond with my new kitten. You can also get some new toys. In the meantime you can work your way to gaining your kittens trust. Aim to have one of each resource plus one extra for each kitty in the house and check that each is easily accessible.

Your kitty is new to their surroundings and environment and new to you too. Stay with them whilst they eat too – the more good things they associate you with the faster theyll bond to you. Instead worth on bonding with them via interactive playtime.

When she joins you engage her with light calm and slow petting or brushing session. Help keep your cat calm down. By following the tips and advice in this article.

Should I keep my kitten in a low-key quiet environment for a while or thrust them into our everyday life. If your new kitten is scared and hiding away theres no reason to panic. Interactive playtime is a great way to form a bond with your new kitten says Watts.

Soft welcoming purrs are always good and if your cat likes to present her butt to you well youre definitely in. Pick a certain time of the day for feeding and stick to it your cat will quickly learn the schedule. Handling and playing with your kitten a few times a day will help your furry little friend form a strong emotional.

Also pet your cat gently talk to her in a soft and reassuring voice and see if she wants to play with toys that you provide. Another great way to bond with your new cat is through feeding. If you feel that theyll be stressed upon the arrival of a new kitten one remedy that you can consider is natural supplements with calming properties.

Its completely normal for this happen. Bond with your kitten. Give your kitten some time and space.

Before you try to scoop up your new kitten in your arms practice gentle petting and brushing. A new kitten brings with it the hope they grow into a happy loving member of your family. If your kitten is a little nervous or unsure of people hand-feeding them treats or a bit of their food is a great way to build trust.

A combination of Walnut for the easy introduction of a new cat and Vine to help with aggressive behaviour can be added to food or water use two drops of. If possible use a small room that your rabbits have never visited. The biggest sign that your cat has bonded with you is repeated and frequent displays of those cat-approved forms of affection.

Most find these toys irresistible. Just like territory conflicts a lack of individual resources such as food and water bowls scratching posts and litter trays can cause cats not to get along. You can do this by placing a baby fence around an area in the living room or choosing a room where they will stay.

Dont force the cuddle time right nie. Remember too that kittens are little bundles of energy and wont necessarily want to spend time causing when they could be playing. Invite her to sit near you with a small treat or a sprinkle of catnip.

Make sure the room is stocked with all the essentials such as bedding food water and a litter box. It is vital to bond with your new kitten to establish a relationship and to understand your pets personality its likes dislikes and their place in your home. If you want to raise kittens to become loving happy members of your family human contact is important from an early stage.

Bach Flower Remedies can also be used especially the Rescue Remedy for stress trauma and fearful situations. Slow blinks licking kneading grooming and head-butting. Put their food in there a.

Feeding time is bonding time. To adapt your house youll need to add another bed and litter box for your new kitten as well as a bowl for their food. There are various ways that can help you calm down your cat.

This may help relax your cat in anticipation of new. Be sure to use appropriate toys like feather wands or cat dancers and not hands. Provide a safe space in your home for the new kitten that your dog is not able to access such as a spare room or bathroom.

Initially its good to bring a new kitten into one room. Since rabbits can be quite territorial this is best done in neutral territory. While feeding your cat try to pet and talk to them as this will reinforce your bond.

Once your kitten is comfortable in its new home you can begin to introduce the kitten to your rabbits. Kittens are more vulnerable than adult cats so you will want to keep your kitten and dog separated while they get acquainted. Nap with your kitty hold it while watching TV or find other times to snuggle.

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