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How To Bond With Your Kittens

Especially now that shes healthy find what toys she likes and little treats to coax her when she is hesitant. Consider incorporating interactive play with a wand laser toy or even a homemade cat toy.

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Young kittens love the attention that grooming entails mimicking the feel of their.

How to bond with your kittens. 10 Ways to Bond With Your Kitten or Cat. Use these to interact with your cat and to simulate a hunt so that she can practice taking down prey. Now I am someone who NEVER thought shed ever have a cat much less love one.

Establishing the bond in the beginning. Interactive playtime is a great way to form a bond with your new kitten says Watts. When I woke up this morning Scarlet was sleeping on my shoulder and the kitten was sleeping on my feet.

It can take time for all of you to adjust to the new living situation so take it slow and see what works best for you. When youve picked up a recent arrival such as a brand new kitten you may worry about bonding with your new friend. To show you it likes being petted your kitten might purr.

Play is very important to socializing your kitten. Pick a certain time of the day for feeding and stick to it your cat will quickly learn the schedule. While feeding your cat try to pet and talk to them as this will reinforce your bond.

Simply listening and hearing your kitten and responding in turn when they seek to communication allows for both owner and kitten to bond. The five games cats should be taught to play are mouse bird. If your kitten is a little nervous or unsure of people hand-feeding them treats or a bit of their food is a great way to build trust.

How can you make sure your new kitty loves you. Your kitten appreciates physical contact and petting it is a nice way to bond with it. Soft welcoming purrs are always good and if your cat likes to present her butt to you well youre definitely in.

Most find these toys irresistible. Its a two way thing. Make Feeding Time Special – One of the easiest ways to bond with pets is.

Your cat should be adjusted to its new home by now so the scratching of surfaces wrestling climbing etc. The earlier you introduce the two cats the easier this process will be. Youll see how your kitten will reciprocate your love that you show.

If youre new to owning a cat you may find bonding to be a difficult task. How To Bond with Your New Cats. Purchase a few different types of cat toys such as balls stuffed toys a wand with feathers on the end etc.

Also a water fountain or cat subscription box can be a fun way to interact and play with your kitten. This one might seem obvious but petting your kitten is a simple and effective way to build your bond. The biggest sign that your cat has bonded with you is repeated and frequent displays of those cat-approved forms of affection.

Another great way to bond with your new cat is through feeding. One of the simplest ways to help your kitten bond with you is to gently pick it up and place it on your lap while it is asleep. If your kitten were still with her siblings she would be playing with them throughout the day so one of the best ways that you can bond with your new furry friend is by playing with her.

As I write this Juniper my six-month-old kitten is sitting in the kids trampoline right next to my computer. Yes kittens from different litters will bond. Feeding time is bonding time.

Gently stroke and pet your kitty. Make sure to give your kitten plenty of toys the best and high quality of food so they get those important nutrients. Activities are a wonderful way to take a break from your day and bond with your furry friend.

It requires some careful bonding work but kittens do not discriminate against other cats who are not from the same mother. Kittens are heavy sleepers and most of them do enjoy physical contact. Slow blinks licking kneading grooming and head-butting.

Microchipping can be discussed with your vet as a more permanent form of identification. Consider adding some cat-friendly furniture items like a cat tree cat scratcher or cat shelves in your pets space. You also want to do object play.

These are my top three waystimes to connect with my new kitties. Is play important in socializing my kitten. Be sure to use appropriate toys like feather wands or cat dancers and not hands.

Enjoy an activity together. This will ensure your kitten loves you. Bonding at the kitten stage is one of the best ways for cats to build a.

By the end of the first month your kitten should be eating drinking and using the litter box normally. With kittens treats and play are gonna be your best bet with bonding with her. Will probably be observed.

Provide gentle strokes particularly on the top of the head. Kittens thrive on contact from others and will really appreciate petting says Winiarski. Pet your kitten in places it likes such as under the chin on top of its head and on its cheeks.

Learning how you can communicate with your kitten will only increase the bond.

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