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How To Bring A Kitten Into A Home With An Older Cat

The room must have a litter box food fresh water and bedding. Bales recommends taking him straight to his own room and shutting the door.

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Get one of your kittens toys ensuring that its smell has attached to it.

How to bring a kitten into a home with an older cat. It may take several days or even a couple of weeks before your kittencat is confident in their new home and closely bonded to you. When kittens come to their new homes it can be an easier adjustment for them because of their youth. The goal here is to desensitize the older cat to the scent of the kitten.

Start with One Cat. As your cat gets curious it may stick its paw under the door sniff under the door and listen to the kitten. Give your older cats a break when the kitten becomes too much for them.

Bring in the Other Cat. Next leave it lying around the house so your older cat can smell it. Give the kitten a place to escape as well if he faces aggressive behavior from other cats.

Introducing cats to each other can be stressful for them and you. When you first adopt a kitten and bring him home Dr. Introduce them to the house slowly and provide a comfortable hiding place for your kittencat to retreat to in case they feel threatened at any time.

Think long and hard before introducing a kitten into a home with a senior cat. If he is not eating try mixing a little bit of a tastier food such as canned cat food or baby food into his meal. Let the kitten and resident cat sniff each other through the door but not actually meet face to face.

Keep the dog on a leash and have dog treats ready in your pocket. Give your resident cat a favorite treat andor indulge him in activities he likes such as playing or brushing to help him make positive associations with the new cats scent. Encourage them to paw at toys under the door.

During this time keep your kittencat separated from your dog. It may just not be worth it. It is extremely important to make sure that your cat is eating regularly and adequate amounts once you have brought him home.

Make sure she is engaged and keep her moving either with treats or a toy. Begin by playing with only one cat in the room at first. At night when you are not home and whenever you are unable to supervise the kitten and your older cat keep the kitten in its designated room with the door closed.

For two to three days feed your dogs and cat next to the door of the room in which your cat is located. Tasty food can be used as above but remember to give your kitten and cat lots of space. Take care not to overwhelm either the kitten or your existing cat and take regular breaks.

Do the same on your kitten. After a few more days play with each of the cats near the door. When introducing a kitten to an older cat slow and steady and then slow again is the name of the game.

Rub a cloth or sock on your new cat and take it to your resident cat so he can investigate it with his discerning nose. Some experts such as Pellicano feel differently. Move both the cat and dog food dishes close to the door so the animals are nose-to-nose while eating with the door keeping them safely apart.

This was their home first and a newcomer can turn the quiet life she knew before upside down. After the towel carries both cats scents bring the towel back to the first cat and rub her with it again. It just isnt fair to the elder cat who deserves all the quality time he has earned with his.

Experts often recommend pairing adult cats with kittens so the older cat can teach the kitten as it grows. Casually have your partner bring the other cat into the room and immediately. Kittens mature into better adjusted adult cats if they receive the proper behavioral cues from another cat or dominant figure you says Los Angeles vet Patrick Mahaney VMD.

Eventually the cats may play paws under the door with each other. Food and water ideally continue feeding your kitten what they are used to this will help them settle into their new home A soft comfortable bed and blankets A litter tray with cat litter that they are used to using placed away from their eating area. If possible buy the same type of food that the shelter used.

If you must do so make sure the older cat has places where she can hide away from the kitten. When the kitten is young this could be a place thats higher up too high up for the kitten to climb. This is also true if you are going to introduce a new kitten to your older cat.

Once the cat is used to your home let the cat roam loose in one room. Depending on how small the kitten is this might be stairs vertical space a counter or even another room. Be sure to give your older cat reassurance in his dealings with a hyper kitten.

If possible have another person the cat is familiar with on the other side of the room to reassure and distract the cat from the dog. So when they first meet your older cat wont find the kitten threatening. Pop a blanket over one side which will help the kitten feel safe and allow the adult cat to approach.

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