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How To Bring Kitten Into House With Cat

Suddenly there is this strange other cat or kitten who from the existing cats point of view is just getting in the way. Help your new cat get to know you.

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Confine them in a small area such as a bathroom or closet.

How to bring kitten into house with cat. Introduce them to the house slowly and provide a comfortable hiding place for your kittencat to retreat to in case they feel threatened at any time. Whenever a new cat is introduced into a house with other cats it takes time for them to get used to each other and your first cat might be a little jealous of the newcomer so you need to take things slowly and carefully at first. Before introducing a kittencat to your dog allow some time for your kittencat to settle in their new environment and become comfortable with you.

Take care not to overwhelm either the kitten or your existing cat and take regular breaks. Limit the kittens activity to one area of the house so that your older cat has kitten-free areas. You can put up a baby gate in the doorway of the safe room and allow the kitten and resident cat approach each other in their own time.

It may just not be worth it. When the kitten is young this could be a place thats higher up too high up for the kitten to climb. First gently rub one cat with the towel.

Let your cat come and go as he pleases as he adjusts to the new pet. When introducing a kitten to an older cat slow and steady and then slow again is the name of the game. Make sure she is engaged and keep her moving either with treats or a toy.

Only now should you allow the resident cat out of her room but make sure shes kept apart from the kitten. Before bringing your cat indoors place a little box outside in a dry location. Close all windows and doors and tuck away any electrical cords or plugs where your cat might get stuck.

Its common elderly cat behavior to swat away a kitten but rarely will he extend claws. When you first adopt a kitten and bring him home Dr. If you put them in a larger room with ample hiding places they could vanish for days.

Then rub the other cat. Place food and water on one side of the room and an open unenclosed litter box on the other side. Train your cat to use a litter box outside.

When you bring the new cat home do so in a cat carrier Hollow says. In general try to match the characteristics of your new cat to those of your resident cat. Depending on how small the kitten is this might be stairs vertical space a counter or even another room.

Let the kitten and resident cat sniff each other through the door but not actually meet face to face. They have three adult cats Jack Louis and Stavros whom they adopted a year ago from Greece. When you first bring your new cat or kitten home.

Give the feral kittens their own safe space with food water a litter box and a pillow or blanket. Before deciding to bring a dog or cat into Singapore you should consider how its age medical conditions and the stress of travel could affect it during the journey. You can do this a few ways.

For two to three days feed your dogs and cat next to the door of the room in which your cat is located. Begin by playing with only one cat in the room at first. Settling Your Cat Into the New Home Once youve arrived keep your kitty in their safe carrier as you cat-proof the new home.

This also allows the new cat to explore a different section of your home. Select a Cat Thats Compatible with Your Current Cat. A family cat befriended a stray kitten and decided to bring him home.

Place a t-shirt or a piece of your clothing that contains your scent in the safe room. Move both the cat and dog food dishes close to the door so the animals are nose-to-nose while eating with the door keeping them safely apart. Give your older cats a break when the kitten becomes too much for them.

Pop a blanket over one side which will help the kitten feel safe and allow the adult cat to approach. Bales recommends taking him straight to his own room and shutting the door. Your cats will need a place to escape when the kitten becomes too much for them.

Or you can put the kitten in a carrier that smells like your resident cat and then bring the kitten in the closed carrier into the resident cats area and set it down. It should have your cats scent on it says Michele Hollow of South Orange NJ author of The Everything Guide to Working with Animals. Give your cat approximately a week to get accustomed to the litter box before bringing.

Bring the new kitten into the house give her a quick tour to start the process of acclimatization and then settle her into her own room. Fill the litter box with fine-grain clumping litter. The room must have a litter box food fresh water and bedding.

Avoid punishing the cat for hissing or swatting unless teeth or claws are used. Give the new kitty a towel or toy that belongs to your current cat. After the towel carries both cats scents bring the towel back to the first cat and rub her with it again.

Klarieke la_riek lives in an old farm house with her family in the Netherlands. Then rub the other cat. Give the kitten a place to escape as well if he faces aggressive behavior from other cats.

Tasty food can be used as above but remember to give your kitten and cat lots of space. You should also purchase a suitable animal container to house the animal and make the necessary arrangements with the airline. After the towel carries both cats scents bring the towel back to the first cat and rub her with it again.

Preparing to bring dogs and cats into Singapore. Think long and hard before introducing a kitten into a home with a senior cat. Bring in the Other Cat.

If you must do so make sure the older cat has places where she can hide away from the kitten. Whenever possible a high-energy kitten or young cat should be paired up with another high-energy kitten or young cat so each has a compatible feline playmate. First gently rub one cat with the towel.

Make sure the kittens can smell and communicate with your other cats — and vice versa — through a door. Equip the safe room with cat food water and litter. Start with One Cat.

If you must go out place the kitten in a separate room with the door closed. Some behaviorists suggest rubbing the cats separately with the same towel to intermix their scents. Casually have your partner bring the other cat into the room and immediately.

Stavros lived on the streets and was very ill.

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