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How To Get Your Cats To Sleep At Night

Use this successful strategy to get your cat to sleep through the night instead of waking you up at 3am. If your cat loves to spend time up high on cat trees or bookshelves then creating them an elevated bed can help them feel safe enough to go to sleep.

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Cats like people are often sleepy after a large meal said Hartstein.

How to get your cats to sleep at night. Your particular approach will depend on your cats unique situation but the following tips will help to get you on the right track. Buy automated cat toys that can keep your cat entertained. Engage your cat in a heavy play session at night to exhaust your cat and help them sleep throughout the night.

Finding out your cats motivation to wake you up could be helpful. It can also help to turn on the TV at low volume to visually stimulate your cat when youre away said Castro. One way to corrupt their natural time is by changing their feeding time.

Scheduling a late evening feeding time can also be an opportunity to curb your cats nighttime antics. Use a heated bed during winter. Create A Cat-Friendly Home Environment.

Here are eight things to try to get your cat to sleep with you at night. When youre away at work leave your cats favorite toys out so he can access them easily. Add feeding puzzles window perches with bird feeders outside cat videos etc This keeps your cat busy all day and makes him more likely to sleep all night.

A sleeping kitten or a sleeping cat needs a comfy soft and safe spot to rest to promote good sleeping habits. Consider feeding schedule and grain-free cat food. Delay your cats dinner until very late in the night when you are about to sleep.

You can train or encourage your cat to sleep at night with a few adjustments during the day. Big changes in activity levels shouldnt be written off as cats being cats however. Encourage playtime during the day so your cat will be tired in the evenings.

Increase your cats daytime activity level. How Illness and Anxiety Affect a Cats Behavior. Try to establish a routine where you and your kitty engage in a rousing play session with interactive toys just before you go to bed each night.

A robust playtime right before their last feeding of the night will get them to. How to Get Your Cat to Sleep at Night. Turn the lights down low and lower the volume on your television to create a quiet calming environment.

If the temperature of your house drops overnight then your cat may struggle to get warm enough to fall asleep at night. You can make them sleep at night just like the humans in your house. Doing at least one intense interactive play session with your cat in the evenings can help wear your cat out before bedtime and make them more likely to sleep and allow you to sleep also.

Try feeding them smaller and more regular meals during the day to stave off hunger or install an automatic feeder to open during the night or early morning. Cats are nocturnal but domestic cats can adapt to your rhythm. Giving your cat a set time for food exercise interactive play grooming and petting will go a long way toward maintaining its well-being and giving you a good nights sleep every night.

Play with her as often as you can. An hour and a half before your bedtime play and then feed your cat. After the final victorious pounce reward your cat with a snack.

Provide your cat with plenty of play during the day to use up their excess energy. You might find it helpful to feed your cat a small meal after playtime. Tips to Help You and Your Cat Make it Through the Night.

Just because your kitty is domesticated and has easy access to food doesnt mean that the sleep pattern will shift as soon as you bring her home. Serving their last meal just at the right time will do the trick. Daytime exercise will make your cat more tired at night and disrupts those long naps for which cats are famous.

If you are looking to upgrade your cats sleeping quarters try the Ethical Pet Cuddle Cave cat. While some cats are more active than others at night this comes as no surprise because cats are naturally nocturnal animals meaning they prefer to sleep during the day and hunt at night. The answer to your nighttime prayers is here Jackson Galaxy is explaining exactly what you have to do to ensure a good nights sleep no matter what your c.

So in order to train them to let you sleep youll need to create a new routine with your cat which all starts with the power duo playtime and feeding time. Wand toys are a great way to stimulate your cats prey drive and make them tired before bed time. Are they waking because theyre hungry.

Once youve established the cause of your cats nocturnal activity youll want to take steps to help them sleep at night. Provide toys that allow your cat to climb crawl through and explore such as cat towers or tents. How to Make Cat Sleep at Night Control their sleeping time by changing mealtime.

My cat tried this as a kitten as well as waking us to play at all hours of the night. Get your cat ready for bed. What I did was get a large Great Dane sized dog cage and put a small litter box on one end a padded stool for him to sleep on on the other end with water and a bit of dry food under that.

Establish a bedtime routine that will help your cat get ready to go to sleep. Widen your cats world. Spending some time playing with him a half-hour or so before you go to bed can tire him out so hes ready to sleep.

The most important part is not to reward nighttime behavior with. Id suggest they enrich the environment so theyre not the only source of the cats stimulation and activity Dr.

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