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Kitten Food For Hedgehogs

You can actually purchase special hedgehog food but cat kibble will do fine. As well as providing food you can put out a shallow dish of water to ensure any visiting hogs stay hydrated.

19 Best Food Cat Food For Hedgehogs 2018 Reviews Guides Food Hedgehog Food Tasty

The protein to fat ratio in this cat food meets the dietary requirements for your hedgehog.

Kitten food for hedgehogs. Feed your hedgehog a quality dry hedgehog food with at least 20 percent protein and a fiber content with double digits as the staple food. Chicken Soup for the Soul Adult Dry Cat Food. Updated 062009 When choosing a food to add to your hedgies diet the first thing is to READ THE LABEL.

Petshop Feeder Insects See Full List Here Unknown Source of Feeder Insects. When giving a hedgehog sources of protein make sure you dont overdo it as this can cause excessive weight gain. Putting a dish of water at the entrance will deter cats as they dont like to get their paws wet.

A chicken or meat dry feline food might accompany high protein to keep your hedgehog dynamic and solid. The best foods to provide are. Best Cat Food for Hedgehogs.

Taste of the Wild Grain Free High Protein Natural Dry Cat Food. Then again wet cat food can also be suggested. Cat Food for Hedgehogs Under 6 Months Old.

This is the newest list. I feed our hogs Inception Fish recipe and they love it. Many veterinary outlets actually recommend dry cat food for hedgehogs as a quality protein source.

Mention chicken soup and everyone will be crazy running for it. Chicken Soup for the Soul Kitten Food Canned BLUE for Cats Adult Dry Cat Food. FAQs About Feeding Cat Food to Hedgehogs Does It Matter Whether I Choose Wet or Dry Cat Food.

Dry and wet feline food can be presented to your hedgehog. Inception carries three varieties of dry cat food kibble that are all nutritionally awesome for hedgehogs. What to feed hedgehogs.

Hedgehogs can eat dry cat food as part of their diet. Though baby hedgehogs can be kitten food as babies need a high-fat diet to grow. Good quality wet cat food will contain up to 80 water but the dry matter is often very high in protein and fat.

Check their full reviews below. Lets take a look at the types of food pet hedgehogs feed on. Adult hedgehogs should not be provided with kitten cat food as kitten food is quite high in fats.

Hedgehogs can eat cat biscuits kibble and wet cat food. These food are nutritious and I know your hedgehog will like them. For instance if the product contains 10 protein and 80 moisture then the protein is actually 50 of the 20 dry matter.

This can indeed be a prescribed choice to be an essential part of your hedgehog diet. Best Wet Cat Foods For Hedgehogs. Purina One cat food can be served to hedgehogs along with additional vegetables such as cooked carrots or squash.

Fromm Family Foods Adult Gold for Cats. The video below shows a hedgehog navigating around the barriers to get to the food. Best Cat Food for Hedgehogs.

Feed one of these foods as a supplement to your hedgehogs normal dry food diet. Some owners find that their hedgehogs have particularly smelly droppings when eating a fish-based diet so if youre worried about a smelly cage I recommend you try out one of the poultry-based diets. Hedgehogs do love wet foods and they can be good for them but in some cases too much wet food can give them issues with diarrhea.

Recommended Cat Food for Hedgehogs. If your hedgehog is young you can give it kitten biscuits as it contains fat. It doesnt matter what the product is being marketed for cat dog hedgehog whatever as long as it meets a hedgehogs nutritional requirements.

You should also make sure the food has L-carnitine listed as an ingredient for heart health or supplement the diet with a small amount ask your exotics vet how much but usually a hedgehog needs about 50 mg a day for treatment of cardiomyopathy. JOHNSON the leading developer of several pet-related websites and pet owners. The cat food you choose for your hedgehog must be of high quality.

Blue Buffalo Weight Control Adult Dry Cat Food is a dry cat food but it has appropriate nutrient contents and ingredients to be fed to cats. Kitten cat food and hedgehogs. The following are our top cat food for hedgehog that you can buy on the market today.

Halo Spots Stew Natural Dry Cat Food. Conclusion Is Cat Food Bad For Hedgehogs. Wet meaty kittenpuppy food is great to help the smaller ones put weight on and kitten biscuits are also smaller and easier for Hedgehogs to eat Sorry cant copy the photos here but the message is clear.

The ingredients in Purina One include white chicken meat pea protein and whole oats. Water at the entry. Cat Food for Hedgehogs Over 6 Months Old.

1 Wysong Archetype Rabbit. There are two recommendations in this category Royal canine baby cat food and nutrition kitten. As opportunistic eaters hedgehogs will readily consume food left out in your garden.

A good quality dry cat food is usually high in protein and fibre and meets most if not all of the basic nutritional requirements for hedgehogs. Cat kibble or other protein sources Cat or dog food like kibble as their main food source. Meat-based cat or dog food.

With 30 protein levels and primary ingredients that include deboned chicken and chicken meal it is one of the better cat foods for hedgehog consumption.

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