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Unique Kitten Names For Orange Cats

So you technically could name your cat Orange and say its French. Names for orange cats which are also referred to as ginger cats or yellow cats take their cue from your kittys bright warm color.

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Funny White Cat Names.

Unique kitten names for orange cats. Along with Ruby other popular names for orange cats include Penny Finn Tiger Ginger Poppy Peaches Garfield and Hobbes. Mascarpone A soft fluffy Italian cream cheese thats commonly used in desserts and other treats. Kenny character from the cartoon series South Park Rajah orange striped tiger from Aladin Hobbes Calvin and Hobbes comic strip Tigger orange cat from the Winnie the Pooh series Peter Pan.

Orange cats are also sometimes referred to as tabby cats or red cats which may inspire you to choose a name such as Tabitha or Ruby. Best Female Orange Tabby Cat Names. You probably noticed that there were quite a few food-inspired names in the list of the most popular orange boy cat names.

Reese as in Reeses pieces-yum yum Riff-Raff from the show Heathcliff thanks to our visitor Jessica for this one Rose. I read a book about cats and you should put Marmalade as a name for an orange cat. 108Ivy- Resembling the comics character Poison Ivy.

An orange cat is guaranteed to add a burst of color cuteness and fun to your life. And part of the reason is because how unique they are among the animal kingdom. Here are some funny orange tabby cat names.

Please share these unique female cat names with other cat lovers. Hercules is depicted with orange hair in the disney classic. Here are some more unique cat names inspired by history.

I have 2 cats lily and molly were planning on getting a orange kitten and Im trying to find a name for him my favorites right now are Enzo and Cheetos. Fuego Spanish for fire Garnet. Interestingly cat breeders often refer to orange kitties as red but they also describe them as yellow ginger or marmalade.

109Naruto- Based on the anime Narutomuch fitting a stealthy ninja kitten. Small orange kitten with blue eyes in grass. Good Names for Orange Cats Based on Fictional Characters.

Raggedy Ann Mali Sahara Dandelion Autumn Pippi Longstocking Blossom Peter Pan Mojave Ariel Puss in Boots Phoenix Quasimodo Jessica Rabbit Kebili Athens Timbuktu Wilma. A unique looking cheese a perfect name for a while unique looking cat. If youve just become a lucky owner of an orange kitten check the following list of awesome creamy cat names and make your choice.

Every orange cat is considered a tabby which youll be able to tell because of the M marking on their forehead. Alex Robinson PhotographyGetty Images. Badass Orange Cat Names.

Funny Orange Cat Names. What better way to recognize their unique coloring than with one of these awesome 150 orange cat names. Jaelynn on August 26 2018.

Unique Male Cat Names. Funny Orange Cat Names. Apricot Reddish orange fruit.

30 Most Unique Orange Cat Names. Badass Orange Cat Names. Monarch like Monarch Butterfly Nevada.

Best Male Orange Tabby Cat Names. Check out some strong names for your new badass orange cat. Sarabi Disneys The Lion King has a wealth of name choices for your new kitty.

I hold a soft spot for our little orange cat. Oliver would be a great name for an orange boy cat especially one who gets along well with dogs. Seth God of chaos and not too far from your favorite feline troublemaker.

Not only did we find names based on our database but we also picked orange kitten names based on current trendsfrom unique to classic. The other heartthrob from Normal People. Weve listed 150 orange cat names below to inspire you.

Orange Cat Names Inspired By Cartoon Characters. Horus God of the sky. 110Ichigo- Another orange haired character from a Japanese anime cartoon.

Nature-Inspired Cat Names For Orange Tabbies Based on Flowers Animals etc. Cat names used to be pretty straightforward here Fluffy and while theres nothing wrong with those old-fashioned choices these days cat owners are choosing a wide variety for their pets. Persimmon an orange fruit Pooh.

107Hercules- A fitting name for a male kitten. If youve got your heart set on a food-based name for your orange boy cat but didnt see it listed above here are some other ideas. These yummy names reflect the Calico cool coloring and are unique fun and perfect for this type of cat.

140 Famous Cat Names for Your Star-Studded Feline. The Bridgerton star promenading through our hearts. Here are some examples for a unique white cat name.

Unique Orange Kitten Names. There are plenty of fun orange cat names to choose from playing off their color and famous orange cats from cartoons and TV. The purrfect name for one of your Little Women.

Amaretto Inspired by the sweet orange-looking liquor. Consider animal namesTiger might seem obvious and yes Tiger is a perfectly acceptable girl cat name but other animals can serve as inspiration for your orange girl cats name. Few animals have been domesticated that are like cats.

I knew a cat called Mascarpone once its an interesting name but works well. The same principal I used for black cats can apply to white cats. Though the young of any species is cute and adorable kittens can melt even the hardest of hearts.

Tiara one of our personal favorite unique girl cat names Trinity. Heathcliff popular orange cat from the 80s Simba orange lion from The Lion King Josie. Orange certainly fits the bill for names for orange cats Oren the color orange in Welsh Oscar.

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