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What Equipment Do Kittens Need

If possible you should use bottle and teat set specifically designed for use with kittens such as the Catac bottle and teat set. Specially formulated kitten food a food dish and water bowl interactive toys a brush a safety cat collar with an ID tag a scratching post or scratching pad a litter box and litter a cat bed and a travel carrier.

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There is no way to be certain if a kitten still has maternal antibodies so boosters are necessary.

What equipment do kittens need. Basic Indoor Cat Needs. See below for a guide to weaning kittens when they reach three to four weeks of age. Kittens can only absorb colostrum during their first 16 to 24 hours of life and they should feed within two hours of birth.

Theres nothing like a cute fuzzy new addition to the family. If any of your kittens do not receive colostrum call your vet. Kitten distemperment is both highly contagious in cats and often fatal.

Move electronics and power cords window blind cords and any other strings out of reach. To feed your newborn kitten you will need some sort of feeding device. Kittens naturally wean off their mothers milk at around 8-12 weeks of age.

The shot for panleukopenia also known as feline distemper is another recommended vaccination. Towels can be used to clean off the kittens or help cover messy areas of the bed pads. It is often passed from an untreated mother cat to her kittens.

Its important to have some basic supplies and gear on hand. Bottle feedingstimulating every 3 hours. Once youve decided to get a kitten and found a good place to get them from you can start to prepare for their arrival.

Kittens are essentially baby carnivores with specialised needs. How to prepare for a kitten. There are plenty of kitten feeding bottles and nipples available for purchase online and at pet stores.

Scratching posts mats boxes or frames. Beds toys litter boxes grooming tools and other supplies are needed when bringing a kitten home. Avoid exposing your kitten to unknown animals until all vaccinations have been given.

Kittens aged eight to 12 weeks need four meals per day if between three and six months old they need three meals and kittens over six months old need two meals per day. Food and water bowls. If youre reading this then you probably just brought a new kitten home or youre planning on bringing a new kitten home soon.

Some kittens are born in the breech position particularly Siamese so keep gauze pads handy to strengthen your grip on the breech kittens Duganne said. This is because kittens need the queens first milk known as colostrum which contains antibodies that will protect the kittens from disease. The litter box should be easy for your kitten to get in and out of and be placed in a location that is not too noisy or out of the way.

All kittens need a litter box and cat litter so they can take their potty breaks in your home. Bottle feedingstimulating every 2-3 hours. Buy any supplies they need.

If any kittens do not receive the first milk contact your vet. Be aware that with some nipples you may need to cut a hole yourself. The chlamydia vaccine is not a core kitten shot but your vet might recommend it.

Learn more about what your new kitten needs here. Care of newborn kittens. Weaning using litter box – feeding every 6-8 hours.

Newborn kittens need to feed every two to three hours. True immunity is uncertain until about 16 to 18 weeks of age or until all kitten boosters are completed. The first thing you should do is kitten-proof your home by viewing each room from kitten level.

Make sure that the hole is very small and drips out slowly or you risk the kitten drowning in the formula. FACT Free Access Crate Training Understanding Cats. When young cats are old enough around 8 weeks old they start to eat food on their own whilst simultaneously decreasing the amount of milk they suckle from their mother.

Do not give your kitten milk as it can cause diarrhoea. Pheromones can be diffused prior to the arrival of the new kitten to help both your older cats and the new one feel calm and relaxed. While its important to start right in on the cuddling and training needed by a new kitten its also crucial to get a head start on your kittens health.

Close or block off windows vents and any nooks and crannies she might be tempted to explore. Purchase the items that your kitten will need and place them in your home for other people and pets to start adjusting to. Weaning and beginning to use bathroom on their own – feeding every 5-6 hours.

Theyre often combined into one vaccine that can be administered as early as 6 weeks of age with booster shots administered every 3-4 weeks until they reach 16 weeks of age. As with all animals kittens need fresh drinking water available at all times. Cat litter and litter box.

Bottle feedingstimulating every 4 hours. Basic kitten feeding guide. Litter trays and cat litter.

It is essential that kittens receive colostrum to protect them against disease. Feline rhinotracheitis feline calicivirus and feline panleukopenia FVRCP are what shots kittens need to get a healthy jump on life. Learn exactly what supplies and gear you need to welcome a kitten into your home.

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