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What Supplies Do Kittens Need

Grooming supplies varies with cat breed. Kittens have different dietary needs than their adult counterparts.

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Litter trays and cat litter.

What supplies do kittens need. Whatever you decide to feed your kitten look for a quality food thats specially formulated for growing kittens. Look for KMR or kitten milk replacer. The younger the kitten the less space they need.

Scratching posts mats boxes or frames. Adjust your kittys feeding schedule by age. Food and water bowls.

The litter box should be easy for your kitten to get in and out of and be placed in a location that is not too noisy or out of the way. Putting kittens in a large open space confuses them as theyre unable to find their food water and litter box. Make an appointment for your kittens first exam prior to actually getting the kitten.

Weaning and beginning to use bathroom on their own – feeding every 5-6 hours. Bottle feedingstimulating every 4 hours. This means extra protein vitamins fats and minerals.

Even kittens who are eating solid food or do have a mama cat sometimes benefit from supplementing with formula if they are not thriving or. Hunting Toys Wands lasers and other toys can be chased and hunted down which can help provide kittens with mental stimulation and exercise. All kittens need a litter box and cat litter so they can take their potty breaks in your home.

Before getting your kitten find a veterinarian whom you will be willing to work with for the next 20 years. Mini Whisks to eliminate clumps Blender Bottle to eliminate clumps and store formula Shallow Food Dish so they can reach Shallow Plate great for young kittens. Kitten formula is essential for kittens that are too young to eat solid food and dont have a mother cat to nurse from.

After that theyll only need annual boosters. Bottle feedingstimulating every 3 hours. Supplemental feeding is recommended when the milk supply is inadequate.

Beds toys litter boxes grooming tools and other supplies are needed when bringing a kitten home. Adrienne Kruzer BS RVT LVT has worked with a variety of animals for over 15 years including birds of prey reptiles and small mammals. Mother and Babycat Dry Food for kittens under 4 months Kitten Wet Food for kittens 4 months Kitten Dry Food for kittens 4 months HELPFUL FEEDING SUPPLIES.

You may have been anticipating getting a kitten for some time or you might have not even known a kitten was about to join. Flea and Tick Control Talk to your vet to find out which type of product is best for your kitten. Weaning using litter box – feeding every 6-8 hours.

Getting a new kitten is an exciting time. Bottle feedingstimulating every 2-3 hours. But after about six weeks old and eating solid food its time for them to be vaccinated.

Pet food is a notoriously touchy topic and everyone holds passionate beliefs about what is best for their pet. Buy cat-milk powder appropriate for kittens and a kitten-fostering bottle from your local pet supply store to have on hand in case theres a problem nursing the kittens. Below is an assortment of cat supplies to help your kitten develop into a healthy happy adult cat.

Kitty health care supplies including kitten ear cleaner cat toothbrush and toothpaste. Buy any supplies they need. Up to six months.

Queens produce approximately 125ml of milk per day. Once youve decided to get a kitten and found a good place to get them from you can start to prepare for their arrival. You may need to experiment with litter types to see which one your kitten.

Learn more about what your new kitten needs here. Kitties need several immunizations during their first year to protect them against serious diseases. The First 30 Days With Your New Kitten.

Kitten food should be high in calories protein-rich and easy to digest. Feed your kitten three to four times per day. In fact if you see a kitten go to the corner of a room or against the wall and use the bathroom the space is too big.

When kittens are nursing antibodies in their mothers milk help protect them from infections. Cows milk from the store alone does not provide what a growing kitten needs. Baby kittens need special formula whether store-bought or homemade.

Cat litter and litter box. However when the kittens have been orphaned or the queen is unable to feed them they will need total replacement feeding see our information on hand rearing kittens. How to prepare for a kitten.

Have a pile of clean dry towels ready in case theyre needed for cleaning off the kittens.

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