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What To Do After Getting A Kitten

Spend lots of time playing with your kitten every day. My cat has had kittens during lockdown.

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Consider Keeping Cats Isolated.

What to do after getting a kitten. To care for your cat after neutering or spaying keep it in a quiet comfortable place indoors for the first 18-24 hours so it can rest without being interrupted. If you have a cat who goes outside you should keep her inside for 2448 hours after the surgery the Iowa ARL says. Youll have to keep a close eye on your cat and keep her from running and jumping for about two weeks or however long your veterinarian recommends Bierbrier says in an email.

Kittens are so cute its understandable that cat owners sometimes wish their kittens could stay kittens forever. Once your cat gets home from the vet you should give him water. – Mental stimulation is also important so play games like hiding their food.

Take a look at our top tips in our visual guide. Generally there should be no pain but if your kitty appears uncomfortable or in pain consult with your vet. Some behavioral changes can be immediate after neutering yet others can take weeks depending on.

Any kitten under 8 weeks old should still be with their mum so you. Remember growing and learning is tiring let your kitten rest regularly and keep training sessions short. Kittens have small stomachs and have to be fed little and often.

This change is temporary and you can encourage her with gentle petting along with a warm and quiet location for recovery. Your cat will jump less which is actually a good thing because it can help to keep her stitches intact. Use the same food and litter as the breeder or shelter at first and gradually change them over.

So your cat might act timid or jumpy for a few days after. For many cats a trip to the vet and subsequent surgery might be a frightening and stressful experience. The easiest way to provide a growing kitten with a balanced diet is to feed a premium complete growth diet.

If you want to change the diet do so over a few days by mixing the new food with the kittens usual diet. Neutering decreases territory scent marking but it does not eliminate it because it is not related only to sexual behavior vets indicate it as a self-defense tool for cats to be less stressed. Try some kitten training like having them come to you when you call.

Pedigree kittens are usually rehomed over 12-13 weeks old since reputable breeders want to have completed the kittens first vaccination course before they go to their new homes. The following guide will walk you through the basics of how to take care of that playful purring bundle of fur. Unless advised by your veterinarian do not use any ointments or treatments on the surgical site.

Do not groom or bathe your cat post surgery for a few days and be diligent about keeping the surgical site dry. If you can get a blanket or towel that has the smell of the breeders home on it that can help your new kitten feel safe in their first days in a new home where everything is different. When your cat is awake and alert you should offer.

It can also help reduce the risk of certain tumors developing in cats as well as inhibiting your cats need to mark territory through spraying. Cats who have recently been spayed tend to sleep more and walk more slowly. Neutering or spaying will help prevent your cat straying as they no longer have the need to look for a mate.

These cat health and post-surgery suggestions may come in handy to ensure a speedy recovery for. The best approach to keeping cats quiet after surgery is to keep recently spayed or neutered cats in one cat-proofed room for a few days. As well as advice on looking after your cat after it has given birth you might be concerned about what to do with your new kittens during the coronavirus crisis.

Your cat may need to wear a cone to prevent them from disturbing the area. If shes on medications she may develop a zoned out appearance but this should go away as soon as shes no longer on her medications. This effectively isolates them from others who might play or harass them during their recovery.

Only keep a small amount of water in a bowl and then top it off when necessary. The amount should be minimal to avoid vomiting. This can obstruct your cats natural healing process.

Keep your kitty from shower for 7-10 days post-cat neutering or spaying. Also make sure your cat has access to food water and a litter box following any feeding instructions your vet gave you. Raising a kitten is one of the most fun things youll ever do but its also a big responsibility.

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