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What To Do If A Wild Cat Has Kittens

Determine if there is a mother cat. Resist your instinct to scoop up abandoned kittens right away.

Last year I had a cat who I had never seen give birth on my guest bedroom windowsill and abandon her 4 kittens when she saw that I was loo.

What to do if a wild cat has kittens. Then you need to buy some KMR by PetAg at Walmart or the pet store to have on hand this is kitten replacement milk in case you have to hand feed. The mother will likely move the kittens away from that location or they will get old enough to venture away on their own. If the kittens are found behind a bush its best to closely monitor them and see if the mother returns.

But otherwise theyll probably enjoy any form of plain unseasoned meat or fish. If anyone tries to move them the mother may reject or even kill the kittens. In Tonis case a local clinic would spay the mama cat if someone would drop her off.

It is obviously risky to leave the young kittens unattended and available to predators but the drive for food is instinctive. Leave the kittens alone and watch them for about 8-12 hours to make sure their mom is not around. In the US only 2 of feral cats are sterilized which is why it can be easy to come across feral female cats with kittens.

If the kittens are less than six weeks old leave them with their mother unless they appear sick injured or if their safety is threatened by their environment see above When you do see the mother cat encourage her to approach you – entice with wet food deli meat etc – to see if she is social and friendly. If you find kittens in a box someone most likely dumped them there. Its due to this why its a good idea to cooperate with animal welfare agencies with trap-neuter-return TNR programs to control the population of feral cats and reduce the number of feral kittens suffering.

Since cats are nocturnal hunters and feeders trapping at night may be more successful. If your cat had kittens or the neighborhood cat isnt feral just homeless you might be able to simply follow her back to her kittens. Even though they are adorable and helpless.

The momma cats can be stealthy and hard to spot. They dont make eye contact. Secondly like Stefan said bringing them all in would be best.

In cities hunting is not necessary if the mother cat is fed by a reliable human which is all the more fortuna. In feral and stray cats as soon as the kittens start getiing weaned and eating solids the mother cat gets ready to abandon her kittens. Lets start here.

Feral cats do crawl stay low and crouch to the ground usually a sign of fear and they protect their bodies with a tail. Take the trap to an area where you usually see the cat and set it. They wont communicate even with a meow a purr or a beg.

Answer 1 of 6. Once you have the live trap and are prepared to catch the cat line the bottom of the trap with newspaper and bait it with food. TNR is also a good idea for feral cats living alone since feral cats may roam to breed.

However it is always best to leave them be until you are sure the mother is not involved. Keep an eye on them and see if a mother cat comes for them. Like clockwork her body tells her to do so.

Its best to keep kittens with their mama. It may seem counter-intuitive but the best thing to do for the kittens is not to move them. Every kitten needs to be fed every three hours at the max Brown said.

You need a box the kittens cannot climb out of first off. If she stops to be petted give her a little attention and then ignore her until she decides to move on. First make sure that the kittens are truly abandoned.

After a few days she will move them anyway once she realises that you know where they are. Kittens this young will not take a bottle when mama is around. We have also learned that just as it is best not to intervene with baby birds or bunnies it is best to leave feral kittens with their mothers in their outdoor homes until the kittens are no longer nursing.

That will also help get them used to humans and you can try enticing the kittens to play with you just by dragging a leaf across the ground or something similar. The Life and Health of Stray and Feral Cats Feral cats often live in vacant lots dodge cars and eat from trash cans. Mom must return every three hours to feed her babies.

Containing and monitoring the formerly stray kitten is key to his health and well-being. Feral cats are not socialized to people and do not like being confined. Wild in the Streets.

The mother cat must go where the food is. You may not be able to see her but she always has eyes on her babies. The No Kill Network has a list of organizations by state and Adopt-A-Pet lists cat rescues.

Repeat the process and eventually hopefully shell lead you to her kittens. Face infection disease and an endless cycle. In the situation that a stray cat has just had kittens it may be best to leave them for a few days.

Flowchart from Alley Cat Allies. When people find kittens in the wild they believe they are doing the right thing and helping the kittens by bringing them to a shelter. If you can get ahold of cat food kitten food will have nutrients that help mom as well as the kittens.

Answer 1 of 10. A dog crate is. Alley Cat Allies offers a Feral Friends Network portal to help people in need with assistance in their area.

In seven years a single female cat and their kittens can produce 420000 more cats. Some mama cats will abandon their kittens if they smell a human scent so its best not to touch the kittens unless they are in extreme danger. Feral kittens if theyre older tend to do this.

However the best thing to do is to let nature run its course. The only reason to bring a community cat into a shelter is to spay or neuter her and then return her to her outdoor home. Mom cats move their kittens often and she may be in the midst of moving them and on her way back to these seemingly abandoned kittens.

If the kittens appear to be clean and at a healthy weight it. Feral kittens can also be trapped given vaccinations spayed or neutered and socialized with humans and adopted into pet homes if they are captured young enough before their socialization window closes. Once the cats are mature enough you can deter them from your property using scent deterrents or by calling animal welfare.

What to Do with a Stray Cat. Keep an eye on the trap from a distance and check it frequently.

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