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What To Do When Your Cat Hides Her Kittens

You can intrigue her by tossing treats in her direction without looking at her or wiggling a long teaser toy that allows her to stalk and play without getting too close to you. This may actually upset her more than necessary and she will likely disappear again at the very next opportunity.

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If your cat had kittens or the neighborhood cat isnt feral just homeless you might be able to simply follow her back to her kittens.

What to do when your cat hides her kittens. The best place is a room or private area that is quiet and away from people and activity. Why Do Cats Hide Things. This is a balancing act.

That should change as she feels safe. Children and other animals should not. Talk softly to her.

Do not stare at him. Pet Your Kitten. Your vet will talk through your concerns about your cat hiding and will likely invite you to check over your feline friend to rule out any medical causes.

Let your cat feel secure. If the queen seems to ignore or reject one of her kittens putting some of the birthing fluids on the kitten may help her to accept it. Cats may take hours to calm down not minutes.

Fearful stressed cats typically do not eat around people. If your kitten does hide away in your home dont try to drag her out of hiding. She has to eat.

By doing so your vet will be able to do the necessary tests and check-ups. Give your cat time. Give him some of the treats and gently stroke his fur.

Tempting your kitten with food is another alternative if you cant find your new cat in the house. When you see your kitten becoming close to you. Then leave the cat alone in the room and let her get accustomed to part of her new environment at her own pace.

Run the can opener or open a bag of treats the sounds of which may trigger her to emerge from her hiding spot especially because a young kitten may not yet respond to her name. Stoke your kitten and pet him. It is important to ensure the queen has access to a warm clean and quiet place.

Repeat the process and eventually hopefully shell lead you to her kittens. Otherwise leave her to her natural mothering skills. Once you see that the mother cat is abandoning the kitten and has no plan of placing it back along with the rest you should take the kitten to your vet immediately.

Play with him while speaking to him in a soft reassuring tone. If you think your kitten is enjoying it try picking him up and see how he responds. What You Should Do When Your Cat Hisses or Hides.

So now every time my current cat resident sees the kitten she full blown darts for her and attacks her. Instead go about your business talking calmly to yourself as you do. The new kitten is afraid and will go immediately into the defensive position or try to run and hide usually under the couch cause she can only fit.

While you do want the kittens to be well socialized and you can handle them immediately after birth your cat needs to feel her refuge is a safe secure place for her kittens. As mentioned your cat will want to keep her kittens calm quiet and clean. So make sure you give your kitten treats here and there.

You may begin to introduce kitten food around three weeks of age and once the kitten is eating on its own gradually start reducing the amount of milk you offer. If you have any concerns about your cat give your vet a call and talk about what you have been seeing. Allow your cat to slowly warm up to new people in your home.

Clean too much and youll be considered a territorial invader. If the mother cat still cannot or will not feed her kittens then ongoing bottle-feeding will be necessary. Keep other people especially other animals children and strangers away from her hideaway so she doesnt feel like she needs to move her brood again.

Other things that can help according to the Fear Free Happy Homes blog include spraying the room with a synthetic feline pheromone or playing cat-specific music that has calming properties. The kitten would run to us and hide behind our legs and she was just purely afraid all of a. The best time to act is to wait for your cat to move her kittens.

When he is calm coax your cat out with food andor catnip. Do not try to hold your cat or comfort him. But if you peek in youll often.

If she stops to be petted give her a little attention and then ignore her until she decides to move on. Adding pheromone diffusers such as Feliway can help make your home smell more cat friendly to your cat. My Tigger loves treats and he knows how to get them.

Dont worry you wont be able to smell the diffuser but the pheromone it releases can have a calming effect in cats. If the queen is not comfortable in her environment she may try to move the kittens in her mouth to a preferred location. Kittens should be bottle-fed kitten milk for at least the first four weeks of their lives.

To make your cat comfortable her refuge should be in a quiet place where she can be with her kittens undisturbed. Ignore it and the cat will abandon her terrain. Check daily to make sure everyone is healthy.

By instinct cats catch prey in this hunting territory and that take it to their home base away from other cats. While the area is vacant remove anything untoward such as soiling. All the hard work will pay off.

In home base they might be eating the prey themselves or they might be taking it to their young ones. You may also have to discuss with your vet on the necessary care arrangements for the kitten. Tempt your kitten out of hiding with interactive cat toys and tasty treats.

Cats have a place they call home and a place they use as their hunting territory.

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