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What You Need To Buy Before Getting A Cat

Cat furniture like cat trees. Make a Good Cat.

The Bengal Cat All You Need To Know Bengal Cat Cats Cat Love

Toys with feathers crunchy fillings and catnip are very popular as are small handheld laser pointers.

What you need to buy before getting a cat. Cat bed or bedding. Youre going to want to plan ahead and budget for all the care your cat will need including visiting the veterinarian buying supplies and paying for lodging while you travel. Food and water bowls.

Litter tray and litter. Scratching posts mats boxes or frames. What to Buy for Adult Cats.

Cats are naturally inquisitive and a basket of cat toys will give them something to keep them occupied while sparing your shoelaces and calves from the ministrations of a bored kitten. All you need before bringing a new cat home is. Do not buy continuous feeding bowls for the food only for the water.

They will hold a strange power over you at random hours of the day or night. Once youve decided to give a cat a home its time to get your home ready and prepare for a cat. Food and water bowls.

Its important to make sure that your new pet has all the cat essentials that they need before coming home. Either way youll need to cross some items off a cat essentials checklist before you can get to teaching them their Instagram-worthy tricks or their scales and arpeggios. Remember that adopted cats may need additional bonding and reassurance time in the early weeks.

You will need to think about what kind of cat you want as well as where you will buy it. The most important thing your cat needs is a quiet comfortable and secluded space of their or her own. We spoke with Brett Kruger the feline team manager at the Indyhumane shelter in Indianapolis to get a pros advice on just what gear you really need when bringing home a new feline family member.

Litter trays and cat litter. Most cats are playful curious and need stimulation. 4 Go All Dick Tracy.

This cat adoption checklist features all the must have items that will need to be purchased before their arrival. Declawing a cat takes away its front line defense and is a painful operation for the little kitty. You should also supplement with canned food because eventually you should try to move your cat over to canned only.

Everyone in the family needs to be on the same page in terms of actually even wanting a cat. Often they have a waiting list but if you want that cat and you want to save a cat from a life without a loving home then get yourself on that list. Spaying a cat can be a healthy operation protecting the animal from infections.

Common places to get cats include animal shelters pet stores and breeders. When cats scratch they. Also get a small bag of treats which are helpful in training your cat.

Once youve decided to get a kitten and found a good place to get them from you can start to prepare for their arrival. A fluffy cat in a litter box. Youll need to make sure you leave enough time to make adequate preparations as well as to go shopping for everything they need.

While a standard shoe box and an old shoelace are usually enough to satisfy their entertainment needs dont hesitate to buy them the occasional squeaky toy mouse feather teaser or catnip toy. Pedigree kittens usually come vaccinated and in some cases already neutered. Buy any supplies they need.

Allowing your cat to chow down is unhealthy. Make sure assigned duties are age-appropriate. Get primarily dry food though you may want to occasionally give himher wet food.

Be Sure Everyone in the Family is Ready for the Responsibility of a Cat. A better alternative is to clip the nails on a periodic basis. Before you fully know whats happened your cat will turn you into a complete sucker for zany cat videos and GIFs.

To get a sense of the financial resources youll need consult your veterinarian or local shelter. You Need a Scratching Post. Photography absolutimages Getty Images.

Food dish water bowl toys brush nail clipper comb collar ID tag litter box litter cat carrier and a warm cozy bed for your kitty to sleep in. The litter box is just about the most important thing in your cats life. However in the case of a cat youll be shopping for a litter box instead of a changing table.

One for water one for food. This means that if you are buying a kitten it will need to be directly from the breeder or adopted directly from the rehoming shelter. Remember from April 2020 third-party sales of kittens six months or younger will be illegal.

Dont give a young child the duty of feeding the cat for example. Before bringing a cat home you will also need to make sure you have all the supplies it needs and that you. Grown cats thrive on dry food and any of the premium brands are acceptable.

If responsibilities and specific cat-related duties are going to be assigned to certain family members make sure they are in agreement and will comply. Your kitten should be sold from the place they were born and be happy and healthy with their mum present. If you have a nervous or anxious cat try using a pheromone diffuser a man-made version of the substance a cat leaves when she rubs its cheek on your leg or furniture to help her relax.

Leave The Claws On. Cats are denning animals so provide suitable beds in quiet places away from the bustle of family life. It could be a spare bedroom or a cosy space in the corner of your living room.

It may be a good idea to wait until you select your new cat before you begin shopping for supplies. If you cant wait and must have that cat now then by all means go to a breeder. Canned foods are better for cats but your cat may be used to dry food only.

For example some items such as food and water bowls or collars and harnesses depend upon the size of the cat you will be adopting. If you are buying a pedigree cat then there will be associated costs and these may be quite large. Before you bring your new cat or kitten home there are a number of things to collect or buy so your cat will feel like a family member rather than a visitor.

Do this a few days in advance to minimize stress for you and your cat on homecoming day. If you are getting a cat from a rescue organisation then they may ask for a donation or a fee and again it will probably come already neutered and vaccinated. The scratching helps a cat keep its paws in good condition.

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