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Where To Get A Himalayan Cat

Himalayan cat is the result of more than a decade of breeding programs aimed at producing a longhair with Siamese markings. The goal was to ultimately produce cats that carried the exquisite pointed coloring of the Siamese on a.

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Welcome to Ville Himalayan Cats.

Where to get a himalayan cat. The Himalayan is not a separate cat breed but rather a color division and a wonderful one at that. Talk to your local veterinarian about local breeders in the area that have excellent reputations and health records. Himalayan Colorpoint Persian cats have pointed markings and gorgeous blue eyes like Siamese cats.

Round-faced and snub-nosed with large eyes a short sturdy body and long lush fur the Himalayan cat has all the typical Persian characteristics. Naturally you may wonder how much they cost and the number might surprise you. As always be sure to do your research and determine if a Himalayan cat is right for your familys schedule and lifestyle before bringing one home.

They enjoy company and companionship and. Himalayan cats are a beautiful mix of a Siamese cat and a Persian cat. Some organizations view the Himalayan fondly nicknamed the Himmie as a Persian variant rather than a separate breed.

These cats are high maintenance. So how much do Himalayan cats cost. Himalayan cats cost 200 2500 depending on size age and orientation.

How Much do Himalayan Kittens Cost. They tend to take on the coloring of Siamese cats mostly due to their breeding history. You can find Himalayan kittens and cats for sale through the CFA or local Persian or Himalayan clubs.

The Himalayan is usually a medium-sized cat although she is massive and heavily boned. It is extremely important that people considering this breed understand the responsibilities that come along with a Himalayan. They have low exercise needs but extremely high grooming needsif you bring a Himalayan home you can expect to groom her long thick coat daily.

However it is painful and has no cure. These cats are known for their sweet nature and charming personalities. The good news as reported by Vetstreet is that DNA testing is available and breeders are working toward eliminating cats with these genes from breeding stock.

Whether he is considered a variety of Persian or a distinct breed depends on which cat association you talk to. Its body is always white to pale fawn and the color-points are distributed evenly on the ears face legs and tail. The answer depends which registry the cat belongs to.

The Himalayan is a hybrid breed identical to the Persian but distinguished by the points on the cats extremities the facial mask feet ears and tail which results in a Persian-type cat with the coloring and deep blue eyes of the Siamese-patterned cat. This makes them a very unique and attractive breed to many people. With her masses of fur she can appear to be rather large.

Breeding the finest quality of pedigreed Himalayan we specialize in offering Himalayan kittens. It has a coat that looks very similar to a Persians coat with thick full long fur. Himalayans are minimally active preferring to lounge and luxuriate.

Others classify the Himalayan cat as a breed of its own. Their coats tend to be lustrous and glossy when properly groomed and cared for. The Himalayan also known as the Himmy and the Colorpoint Persian is one of the most popular of all purebred long-haired cat varieties.

Though frequently seen in cream the Himalayan comes in a wide variety of hues ranging from lilac tortoiseshell and seal to chocolate flame and blue. What really sets the Himalayan cat apart from most cats is its long flowing coat of fur. The boning is heavy but the tail is.

The body is short but thick with thick legs and a short thick neck. The Himalayan comes in a wide range of colors. The Cat Fanciers Association recognized the Himalayan as a distinct breed in 1957 but in 1984 the CFA Board of Directors decided to reclassify the Himalayan as a color variety of the Persian.

Himalayan Cat for Sale. As one of the best Himalayan breeder choices we help each customer find the perfect Himalayan kitten for sale. Himalayan kittens cost between 600 and 1000 depending on the coat colors and the bloodline.

All Ready to Warm Your hearts. Browse Himalayan kittens for sale cats for adoption. This is not the best of news for owners of Himalayan cats which are members of the Persian bloodline for which this disorder is hereditary.

To add to that coat of. The Himalayan is an extreme looking breed. The ideal Himalayan is a strong cat with excellent boning and musculature a well-balanced cat giving the impression of robust power.

These felines were originally developed by crossing Siamese cats with Persians. Himalayan Of the 700 cats that our rescue places per year a great majority are Himalayans. Himalayan Persian or Colourpoint Persian as it is commonly referred to in Europe is a breed or sub-breed of long-haired cat similar in type to the Persian with the exception of its blue eyes and its point colouration which were derived from crossing the Persian with the SiameseSome registries may classify the Himalayan as a long-haired sub-breed of Siamese or a.

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