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White Cat With Blue Eyes Breed

Possibly the best known of the blue-eyed beauties these cats display wide-set ears a wedge-shaped head and vivid blue eyes in deep contrast to their darker fur. As they get older cats these spots will lighten.

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The felines have wide blue eyes ranging from deep to pale blue and unique white paws.

White cat with blue eyes breed. Unfortunately many of these cats with this gene tend to be born deaf. This cat breed comes in dozens of colors. Lifespan12 to 17 years.

Named because of their adorable white paws the Snowshoe is a cat breed with blue eyes that is guaranteed to make your heart melt. Depending on the type of Siamese cat though they will have different tones of blue. The eyes of a kitten of this breed can be blue orange or multi-colored.

With their soft and silky coats distinctive smushed faces and sweet personalities Persians are one of the most popular and recognizable cat breeds. Also known as the sacred cat of Burma the Birman cat is among the few cat breeds that exhibit white coats and blue eyes. They are beautiful family-oriented cats existing in various colors including black tan and brown.

If a cat with odd eyes is deaf it is always on the same side as the blue eye. Ragdolls are known for sparkling blue eyes but not all Ragdolls have this color. Coby the breed of the blue-eyed white cat breed.

The Maine Coon is a beautiful beast that comes in many different colors including white. The answer is British shorthair. White Persians often have blue eyes.

Deafness is more likely to occur in white cats with blue eyes. They often like nothing better than snuggling up in their owners lap for some affection. Full white kittens will either have blue or amber eyes or possibly one of each called Odd Eyes or Heterochromia.

The most impressive white cat with blue eyes is without a doubt the Maine Coon. Most kittens will be born with blue eyes which change color as they mature. Blue was once considered the most desired coat color for this breed.

When a Maine Coon is white they often have blue eyes as well. However other cats have an extra gene that blocks the furs color so they have white coats and blue eyes. Has short thick white fur pointed ears and a long tail.

The Snowshoe breed has siamese ancestry the source of its gorgeous blue eyes. There is no truth that white cats with blue eyes are blind. Another thing to note about white cats is that cats with white coats and blue eyes can often be born deaf.

SizeMedium to large size. Boasting big blue eyes and a masked face this breed is most commonly beige white or tan in colour. Persians are known for being undemanding calm and loving.

Solid white cats with blue eyes are often deaf but their eyesight is completely normal. They fall into the albinowhite color type and will always have blue eyes. Albino cats are also.

It depends on the breed a white cat with blue eyes may be a foreign white Khao manee British shorthair munchkin sphynx Devon Rex Cornish Rex Maine Coon Norwegian Forest cat or a domestic mixed breed. View All Slides. In addition cats with albinism are susceptible to suffering from both deafness and blindness.

While not as highly sought after today it remains a great. However that is not guaranteed. Can come in small to medium size.

Siamese cats will always be classified as a pointed cat. By Flickr Cindy See. It seems in blue-eyed white cats.

Studies show that in fact white felines with blue eyes have a higher prevalence of deafness than solid white felines with green or yellow eyes. A survey of 185 white cats reported the following results. AppearanceHas blue eyes long hair and large ears.

Named for their gorgeous white paws the Snowshoe breed features blue eyes. Blue Eyes and Deafness. The main characteristic of an albino cat is an unblemished white coat bluered eyes and pink skin on the nose eyelids ears and paw pads.

Persians are known for their long flowing coats and flat faces with bright eyes. This blue-eyed cat trait turns up in some other breeds and also occurs equally in both female and males kitties. Some people believe that white kittens with blue eyes dont hear whereas white felines with yellow eyes do hear.

There is a developmental fault in the ectoderm which results in deafness. White Bengal Cat. Breeds of White Cat With Blue Eyes Cat breeds with blue eyes include the Persian Balinese Himalayan Siamese Birman and Javanese.

Cats with a light body hair color and dark tails paws and heads fall into this category. Ragdoll Cat The Ragdoll cat breed is relatively new. What are white cats with blue eyes called.

Because the eyes of British shorthair cats can develop into many colors blue eyes are not their main characteristics and they are not included in the blue-eyed cat breeds. Some white kittens are born deaf. Two main breeds of white cats with blue eyes and most commonly kept as pets are the Ragdoll and Turkish Angora cat.

The cat can meet the dark spots on the top it may be due to the fact that the kitten was a blue or black ancestors. Its rare for British Shorthair cats to have blue eyes. As you probably guessed from the name the Maine Coon is native to Maine.

Pointed cats such as the Siamese have a recessive albinism gene which is why these breeds always have blue eyes. Sparkling blue eyes are found in several cat breeds and are especially prevalent in white cats or those with white markings. White british shorthair cat with blue eyes.

The Snowshoe is a cross of the American Shorthair and the Siamese. The Siamese has a lean graceful build with long legs and tails. Cat this breed has a mild disposition he is peaceful and can get along with children and elderly people.

Birman cats are medium to large in size and come in a variety of colorsoften white or cream colored coats with vibrant blue expressive eyes. The playful nature of the Birman makes them a suitable pet for most households. This is an inherited genetic condition and theres no way of knowing whether a kitten will be affected until they grow a little older.

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