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Why Is My Kitten Not Eating Wet Food

Your vet can do an exam and labwork to make sure he is otherwise ok. Sometimes young kittens have parasites or viral diseases that make it hard for them to gain weight and thrive.

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This is why its very important to ask for professional help if your kitten is not eating.

Why is my kitten not eating wet food. The vet will be able to distinguish between a nervous eater and a kitten in need of medical attention. In case you dont have enough time to change or clean the bowl regularly it can release some uncomfortable smell. Good for her and lucky for you.

You can help make your kitten eat dry food by mixing it with wet food adding a little unsalted broth or feeding the old and new foods side-by-side. Your cats lack of eating can also be a symptom of. Hopefully everything will work great and your kitty will start gobbling its wet food again.

So as you can see there are a few different reasons why your cat has gone off her wet food. Some are not as obvious as others. Some cats will just happily eat it.

Cats wont eat wet food because they dont like the flavor. You can transition to a wet food diet once Kitty is used to her new mealtimes. Dry food is well dry.

Try another flavor or another form eg. Make sure the cat food you are offering is safe nutritious and consistent. If you noticed that your cat not eating much and especially having some weight loss for 3 days or more then this is a significant indicator that there may be a health problem.

Try Mixing with Wet Food or Adding Water If your kitten is used to eating wet food then he may have some trouble adjusting to the drier texture or the taste of kibble. Some cats will lead their kittens to a food source besides nursing. I had a patient that wasnt eating but was a very social cat.

It may also be possible that your cat stopped eating dry food but eats treats because they are dehydrated. But if your kitty has never eaten wet food she like my Jeremy may hold out for her precious kibble. This may be a reason your cat suddenly isnt showing an interest in his food.

Anything from a clogged nose to intestinal parasites constipation or an upset tummy can contribute to your kitten not eating. If your cat isnt feeling well it may stop eating because theres something stuck in its stomach or intestines. It can be a kitten food based creamed f.

Always keep your cats bowl clean. Your cats avoidance of wet food may have something to do with factors other than the food itself including illness stress anxiety or even her food bowl. The wet food often makes the bowl dirty because it has water.

So if your cat stopped eating its favorite wet food now you know how to start approaching this issue and solve it. You need to cut back a little bit at a time on the bottle feedings put a drop or two of very wet kitten food on her lips making sure not to let her inhale it. My ragdoll kitten 12 weeks will only take cat milk and chicken he will not eat cat food wet or dry im worried hes not getting enough nutrients.

For these kitties we need to resort to bribery. Or your cat might not like the food youre offering. Remember they are picky eaters.

You may want to experiment with the placement of the wet food. Most probably a serious medical situation can be associated with your cats appetite reduction. Also some cats cats have widely varying personalities such as my late cat 16 yrs learned that if he didnt eat Id change his food flavors whoops and got into a habit of holding out if he didnt like it.

Check the food you are offering to make sure its not spoiled or out of date. My little friend decides to join me for a. That may be one of the reasons why your cat wont eat wet food anymore.

Dont keep changing the brand of cat food because this can upset. Other reasons include a low appetite not recognizing the food or a recent change from a dry food diet. I began loving on my patient by petting and scratching their head.

So I warmed up the smelliest canned cat food I could get. Before you panic that your cat isnt eating enough or needs to go to the vet lets look at the most common reasons your cat might not eat their wet food. Put out Kittys new wet food meal.

You might want to also warm up the wet food if you think if its getting too cold. The same can happen when the weather gets too hot. Why wont my cat eat wet food anymore.

Why Its a Problem If Your Cat Stops Eating. Find out why some cats wont eat wet cat food and whether they need to have wet food as part of their diet. Ive used a cereal textured food a time or two to start kittens eating.

Today Im going to be answering a couple questions from the Facebook page of Pets Best Insurance. Its important to get your cat eating wet food because it adds the moisture needed in its diet. It took me a long time to break this habit.

Read on for a more detailed discussion on the possible reasons why your cat wont eat wet food anymore. If your kitten has a stuffy nose it will be harder for them to smell their food and they may not eat as a result. Dry cat food is less likely to be affected by the fluctuation in weather.

Your Kitten May Have an Upper Respiratory Infection. Introduce the new food slowly. Jane Matheys with The Cat Doctor Veterinary Hospital and Hotel in Boise Idaho.

Only drinking water isnt enough. Cat Food Choices and Feeding Methods. This is especially likely to be true if they are eating wet food without a problem but are extremely fussy when it comes to dry food.

My cat has recently gone off his regular wet food as good as it looks he eats a bowl of go cat dried per day Ive tried loads of different brands and he wont touch them Ive tried warming up in the microwave adding warm water etc he dosent seem unwell and is still crying for food Im going to try the Parmesan see if that does the trick its very worrying. Your cat may not like eating the wet food in such instances. Loaf in sauce forms or just switch her to dry only.

Upper respiratory infections are not unusual in kittens and can cause decreased appetite due to nasal congestion fever or fatigue. Low appetite can also be a sign of a variety of health issues in cats. It can be worrying if your cat no longer eats wet food but he should be fine as long as he is eating and drinking plenty of water.

Then I pretended while trying not to gag from the smell to eat the food. Many cats do love to eat dry food and there is no need to have any concerns about feeding them only dry for the rest of their lives. First we have a question from Katie.

If your cat is not eating wet food anymore it could be sick or not interested in that brand anymore. She writes My two cats will not under any circumstances eat wet cat food regardless of brand or flavor. They can be very picky eaters.

Alternatively it could even be as simple as an unclean cat bowl or a change of environment making her feel unsettled.

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